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The place where successful leaders take their leadership to new heights. 

Some say Corporate Life is a Circus implying that it feels like chaos and a lot of clowning around.  Many leaders find themselves in the midst of a three-ring circus without any formal leadership training.  

They are simply under-prepared for the challenges they are facing.   


While asked to deliver more with less they often juggle conflicting  priorities.

They perform balancing acts without a safety net, tame lions and tip toe around big elephants.  They do whatever it takes to get the job done.  

Even if that means they are racing in circles or flying by the seat of their pants.

Some might even squeeze themselves into a box just to stay in the game...


Unfortunately, many of the acts leaders perform don't produce desired results and/or are not sustainable.  

In fact, they can be painful, unfulfilling and harmful,  leaving leaders and their teams longing for a different future or a nostalgic past.    

Many leaders ask:

  • Why don’t people just do what they are supposed to?
  • And how do I get out of here? 

If you have come here wondering why you are not more effective as a leader or 
why leadership isn’t easier, you have come to the right place. 

We will give you the tools and practice space to put your leadership 
performance over the top and help you create a powerful leadership legacy.  


a leadership legacy you can be proud oF

Many Of Our Clients Really Want To Be Great Leaders And Managers And Many Are. However, The Bar Keeps Rising.   

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Whether you are an experienced leader or new to the Art of Leadership, you are likely wondering how you can achieve goals within the set time limits, within the given budget and with the people you’ve got. 

Motivating others and managing performance is not always easy.  If it was, we would all be great at it. 

One of the key qualities that distinguishes a leader from a manager is that a leader develops other leaders.  

This program is specifically designed to help you “get out of the weeds” and help you develop other strong leaders. 

We used to deliver all kinds of programs clients said they wanted and needed and found that what they actually needed was something completely different.  But they didn’t know that and neither did we

...until it became painfully obvious. 

What do you do when people don’t follow through?  

How do you handle when tasks don’t get done?  

What do you actually say to someone who appears to not care or isn’t motivated?  

How many people would you need to fire before you find the “right” one?  

Sometimes people run out of options…

You can repeat yourself only so many times.  You can’t yell or push people without negative consequences.  You can’t call them any names.  And you can’t make them do things they are not willing to do.  

When someone is really triggered by the interpersonal breakdowns on his or her team, they ask all these questions and scratch their heads

… rightfully so. 

But, if you are willing to learn and are committed to becoming masterful at the Art of Leadership, we promise you there is hope and there is a way to create a collaborative, high performance organization.  

We will share our systems, tools, process and wisdom to ...


your leadership game and create lasting change in your organization. 



Let's talk about Composure ...

You may have received well intended advice from people saying: "Compose yourself."

What they mean is relax, stay open-minded, listen, don't over react.  

While they mean well and the advice sounds easy enough it's actually not so easy to compose yourself under pressure.  

If you have a fear of public speaking, it will take over the moment you even think about standing in front of a crowd.  

Your knees start shaking, your mouth gets dry, your palms turn sweaty and your thoughts start racing like a freight train through your head - It's no fun.   

Yet, there are ways to practice composing yourself under pressure .  

And this segment of our program is dedicated to introducing you to practices that will help you stay relaxed and open-mined under pressure so that you can make better decisions and perform to the best of your ability.  

As a student of the somatic aspects of leadership, sports psychology principles,  Qigong, Yoga, meditation and EFT (emotional freedom technique), I bring a wide variety of applicable experience in a domain that is less visible to most people.  

Together we will figure out what practices will best serve you to perform at your best.  

And no worries, you will not have to hang from a trapeze or stand on your head, unless you want to. 


Let’s talk about Coaching

Why Would Successful Leaders Need Coaching Or Become More Effective Coaches?

The most obvious answer is that we all have blindspots, which limit our ability to see situations objectively and respond in ways that will bring about desired results.

A coach often plays the role of an observer who asks questions to help the person examine different perspectives and thus develop the ability to choose to respond rather than react by default.

Coaching thereby helps leaders enhance self awareness, explore new possibilities and generate actions plans.  It adds accountability to ensure that the promised actions actually happen and produce desired outcomes.  

Aside from the focus on results, coaching also helps people enhance their relationships and connect in more meaningful ways with others.  

That in return leads to higher levels in engagement, trust and commitment and results in measurable positive outcomes.  

The benefit of coaching has no limits, however, not knowing how to coach will quickly limit you.  

If you get a lot of resistance from your team, or mediocre results, we recommend deepening your coaching skills.  

Everything you want is available by having  conversations with the right person, at the right time in the right way.

I personally use the coaching frame work for all kinds of conversations, including sales, fundraising, conflict management, goal setting, team meetings and basically any meeting in which I want to engage, influence or enroll others into my vision.  

That said, my vision is to aim for the creation of win/win solutions, which is another possible outcome the coaching framework provides.  It's really the ability to listen deeply to what others care about and help them and us close those gaps.


Let's Talk about Commitment Management...

Commitment Management Sounds So Simple, Yet It Is Hard To Do Consistently. 

Whenever I ask people what they think commitment management means, they tell me things like 'accountability, communication, getting things done' etc. 

And it's true- all those domains are positively affected by effective commitment management and yet managing commitments entails so much more.

Commitment management is a language and predisposition in life that can be learned. It's a system, a step-by-step approach to eliciting and managing meaningful commitments for the sake of something we care about.

In some cases learning to speak commitment language requires a whole new view of the world and vocabulary.

Getting on the road to commitment management is much like traveling to a foreign country - it's exciting and perhaps a bit daunting at the same time.  

As you ease into the paradigm of managing commitments instead of people, you will become free of hand-holding, scolding, repeating yourself and all kinds of other non-productive ways in which you tolerated (and/or created) mediocrity.  

You will have time and energy to become more strategic,  apply yourself at  a higher level and have greater leadership impact.  


Why Do We Need to Practice leadership?

Most people would say that there is nothing wrong with their leadership and that they engage and hold others accountable just fine.  

They admit that their teams don't necessarily execute on time or to their standard of satisfaction, but at the same token they defend why that is so.  

I am often told that the goals were set by the Board or the Boss and that they were unrealistic to begin with.  

I usually emphasize with my clients when they tell me that, because I know they are telling me their truth.  It really occurs to them as "it is or wasn't possible." They are being honest and they should know since they are the ones working inside the company. 

However, on a closer look we usually find that even though the assessment "it can't be done" is common, it's not necessarily the only assessment one can make.  

You could also invent the possibility that "it is possible" and you would probably feel and act differently if you really believed that.  

Unfortunately, if left to your own devices, you will go with the interpretation that is most familiar or automatic for you and it is not necessarily the thought system you need to have to inspire higher level results.  

Imagine an athlete thinking, "I just hit a home run, there is no way I will hit another one." You probably agree that wouldn't be an empowering belief system.  

The reason we all need coaches is because of the blind-spots we have.  If we could see how we limit ourselves with our thoughts and perspectives, we would already change that limitation.

Usually we lack clarity on seeing exactly what is holding us back, i.e. the nature of the barrier we have to creating what we really want in life and business.

Additionally, we have a nervous system that has a mind of its own and can get us into trouble, especially under pressure.  

Just like high performance athletes have to develop and work on their mental, emotional and energetic game, so do leaders and other professionals.  

Under pressure we sink to the level of our practice and if we didn't practice the 3 Cs - well, we will do what we have always done.  For some people that will be good enough.  

But if you are ambitious and want to enhance your leadership impact so that the things you dream about become a reality you can't afford to miss out on the 3C Leader tools and systems.  

By participating in the Leadership Circus you will learn and practice the 3 Cs and once embodied you will develop other leaders in the 3Cs with ease and joy and I promise you, you will be proud of your leadership legacy.  

And seeing you free and empowered will be the payoff for all my hard work on this end, my friend.  



This Program is all about giving you an opportunity to learn and develop your Leadership range in a safe and productive environment. 

We are operating the Leadership Circus as a peer group so you can network and learn from other successful leaders while receiving timely and targeted coaching from a master-certified coach.  

You will work on closing your own gaps while learning all the tools and systems you need to create a high performance culture in your organization.   Your experience will be customized to meet your needs.

The circus emerged out of 15 + years of coaching experience in corporate settings from small and midsize to large and global organizations.  Our tools and systems are proven and will work if you apply them.   

We can’t promise that they will be a silver bullet for every situation, but they will give you a formula for navigating any situation that you will encounter in your career with a higher likelihood of producing desired, positive outcomes.  

By Learning How to Become a more effective coach and manage commitments instead of people, you and your team will achieve higher results in sales, operations and overall project Management.   



...So In a nutshell, this program IS for you if you want to learn how to...

  • Stay calm and open-minded under pressure so you can make informed decisions 

  • Engage others and build trust so you can create collaborative teams and keep morale and motivation high

  • Get your team to rally around super ambitious goals and actually reach them

  • Navigate interpersonal issues systematically and with ease so you don’t burn out and can use conflict as a performance catalyst

  • Elicit meaningful commitments and manage them rigorously so you can trust that things are getting done

  • Coach others and hold them accountable effectively so you can be more strategic

  • Develop other leaders who develop other leaders, so you can move up and on

  • Create lasting change and systems in your organization so your legacy lives on

  • Get projects done on time, within budgets and meeting customers' standards of satisfaction

...and definitely not for you if you...

  • Want others to change and would rather not get feedback on your own performance

  • Would like things to stay the same and are ok with mediocrity

  • Thrive on chaos and would rather clown around and fly without a safety net

  • Rather leave your leadership impact up to chance than design it 

  • Not willing to invest any time and money in your own development


Join The Leadership Circus

This 8-month program contains 6 group coaching days and 4 individual, personal coaching sessions with your master-certified coach and ringleader, Birgit Zacher Hanson. 

The circus meets at different locations within the Tampa Bay area. 

Companies are encouraged to sponsor leaders into the Circus by purchasing
Golden Tickets.   

Ready to learn more about this opportunity or reserve a seat? 


Access to the Leadership Circus Vault:

  • Address any issues in real time via email or text...

  • We will answer any question within a few hours.

  • We encourage you to support one another between training days. 

  • We will save all hand-outs on a shared drive for your personal use and give you access to future materials we are continually adding to the program.